Brochure Copywriting: For Digital and Print. I'll Showcase Your Products and Services in Their Best Light

An effective corporate brochure shouldn’t just inform your audience – it should persuade them too. A good brochure copywriter will highlight the features and benefits of your products while maintaining your brand’s tone of voice.

How My Brochure Copywriting Can Help You

Not only do brochures show your professionalism, but they can increase your sales. One of the most valuable benefits of brochures is that they present all your products in the one place. People are more likely to buy from you when they have all the information up-front. With a brochure, there’s no navigating away from the products, or clicking links to other pages. Printed brochures in particular are great for increasing sales as people spend more time reading the content of printed materials. And unlike with web pages, customers usually read a brochure more than once.


You need an expert brochure copywriter who knows how to sell on the benefits of your products, and reinfornce on the features. Structuring a corporate brochure in-house can be time consuming. And too many cooks spoil the copy. As your dedicated writing partner, I’ll put our feet in your customers’ shoes. Unlike other agencies, I focus solely on the words. I’ll put the time into researching your target audience and your competitors, so we can position your products and services effectively. I specialise in writing for the following industries:


6 Printed Brochures + 189 prospectus pages for the University of Aberdeen

I was asked by the University of Aberdeen to write and proofread the online prospectus copy for their Life Sciences and Medicine and Arts department. Some of the website copy was then used as the basis for 6 printed booklets for taught postgraduate courses.

A Corporate Brochure and 14 Press Releases for TRAD Scaffolding

I was asked by marketing consultancy ACW, to write a series of press releases for TRAD Scaffolding with the aim of positioning them as an authority in their industry. The press releases covered a range of subject matter, including the opening of new offices, events, training and product launches.

A Brochure, an Advertorial, a Native Advertising Feature for Malcolm Allan Housebuilders

I was asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write an advertorial for Malcolm Allan Housebuilders to be published in the Press and Journal, alongside a native advertising feature for a local magazine. The brief was to promote a new housing development in an affluent area of the North East.

Screenshot of St Andrews Prize website

A Printed Brochure, 3 Press Releases, and Website Copy for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment

I as asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write a series of press releases to announce the winner of the St Andrews Prize in 2016. At the time of writing, the winner was unknown, so we had to write 3 different versions of the release. The copy included a summary of all the finalists’ achievements and contributions to the environment.

A Printed Brochure + Insert, 13 sales emails, 1 brand story, and a printed sales letter for Maison d'Opulence

Working closely with a team of web designers and developers, I was asked by Maison d’Opulence to create the story behind their brand following the launch of their business. In addition to creating their brand story, I was asked to produce copy for a print and online brochure to be used to attract new clients.

A Printed Brochure, Copy for Seasonal Campaigns, Window Dressing, Print Adverts, and Placards for Independent Jeweller Jamieson & Carry

Creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill asked me to help write the copy for some print adverts for their client Jamieson & Carry. These adverts were to appear in the Grampian Wedding Directory and Aberdeen’s Press and Journal.

Screenshot of the Omexom website

A Brochure, 10 Website Pages and Tone of Voice Guidelines for Energy Company Omexom

As a UK freelance copywriter that specialises in writing for the energy sector, I was asked by Omexom to write the copy for the launch of their new website. They needed a tone of voice that reflected their position as a leading electricity provider to local authorities in hard to reach areas of the world.

A Corporate Brochure for International Energy Trading House DXT Commodities

Energy trading company DXT Commodities required a corporate brochure for its European services. After analysing the company’s competitors, I helped position DXT in the marketplace through our tone of voice guidelines. We used these guidelines to form the basis of their 10-page brochure.

screenshot of Subtec Pro website

Brochure and Website Copywriting for Subtec Pro

I was asked by Subtec Pro to write the copy for their new website and to write a brochure, outlining their services. Given the complex nature of what the company does, the copy had to be clear and conscise, using consistent messaging throughout.

Thought Leadership Whitepaper for Oxera Consulting and Utility Week

I was asked by Oxera Consulting to assist in writing a thought leadership article about energy regulation in Europe. The article was to be used as a whitepaper on Oxera’s website and an edited version was to be published in Utility Week magazine. I was required to conduct research, structure, edit, and proofread the white paper.

screenshot of acorn website

Financial Services Brochure for Acorn Business Finance

Acorn Business Finance asked me to write the copy for their new corporate brochure. They wanted to draw out the benefits of using their services and demonstrate their unique selling points.

screenshot of Gardarica website

Product Brochure for Gardarica

Gardarica Ltd. asked me to write the brochure for their new bicycle eco shelters. After identifying the unique selling points of the product and the pain points of the target audience, I crafted a brochure that the clients was delighted with.

screenshot of EMCOR UK homepage

A Social Value Report and Tone of Voice Guidelines for EMCOR UK

I was asked by London brand and design agency, Designhouse, to write EMCOR UK’s Social Value Report, and to create a Tone of Voice document. The client provided source material, which had to be organised into a logical structure and re-written to demonstrate how the company was meeting its sustainability goals.

How I Work

Before I take on any new brochure copywriting project, I like to get to know the client first. I’ll arrange an initial meeting (by telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face) to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with us. Once I have all the particulars, I’ll create a project schedule, confirming all the deadline dates. I’ll then send you a skeleton draft of your brochure, showing what we plan on saying, and where. Once we have the structure of your brochure approved, I’ll send you a first draft. I’ll take on board all your feedback and carry out any revisions until you’re happy with how it reads.

How Much Does Brochure Copywriting Cost?

Every brochure copywriting project is different. However, I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £5o0 and I provide a per-project price, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for brochure copywriting services include:


  • How long the brochure will be
  • The number of words required per page
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, a brochure copywriting project might look like this:


Initial briefing session: After completing our briefing form, I’ll arrange a one-hour phone call or Skype session discuss the specifics of the project in more detail.


Research: Research can involve conducting a brief competitor analysis, creating tone of voice guidelines and researching the marketplace.


Writing: 4 pages at around 1,000 words


Amendments: Typically, I offer two rounds of revisions per page. However, I always aim to please and I’m usually happy to make additional tweaks at no extra cost until you’re happy with the copy.


The cost for a brochure copywriting project with this scope would cost £1,500. The price would include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments. We’d send over each page individually to gather your feedback, adjust and approve as we go. Typically, I’d deliver all pages in two weeks from the agreed start date, assuming good client communication.

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