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Inspire With These Education Blogging Ideas

By Jamie Thomson / 14/01/2014 / Blogging / No Comments

Writing an educational blog is a great way to inspire learning.   Whether you are an educational business owner, private tutor or classroom teacher, maintaining a blog keeps your target audience informed. Educational technology has seen rapid growth in recent years and being part of the educational blogsphere can firmly establish you as an expert […]

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SE OH! Recovering From Over-Optimization

Keyword stuffing can be tempting.   However, following Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, if you want to grow your business and increase your website traffic, you need to resist said temptation. There’s a fine line between writing engaging content for real people and over-optimizing keywords for search engine robots.   SEO copywriting specifically targets the […]

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Blogging Ideas for a Voluntary Sector Charity

By Jamie Thomson / 07/01/2014 / Blogging / No Comments

Many social sector organisations and charities have yet to leverage the full potential of maintaining a blog.   People often see it as too time consuming or find it a struggle to come up with subjects to write about. Some people just don’t know where to start and don’t see the potential benefits of blogging […]

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Blogging to Promote a Business

By Jamie Thomson / 02/01/2014 / Blogging / No Comments

A blog can be a powerful tool for building a profitable website.   Blogging allows you to connect with a community and exchange feedback, which in turn improves your business and practices. This article will share a few of the great ways you can use a blog as a platform for business and promotion.   […]

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Copywriting Tips For Education Companies

Educators are known for being good communicators. You’re able to use language in an adaptable way to suit our audience. You’re able to inspire, inform and provide guidance, but what you often lack is the ability to sell your products and services effectively.   Features are Important, But Benefits Make the Sale   Copywriting provides […]

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Free Press Release Template

Writing a press release doesn’t have to be pain staking.   Here’s our free press release template in a Microsoft Word document.   Now that you have the template, here’s our advice on how to make the most of it:   Write for Your Audience   Press releases aren’t exclusively for your customers; they’re for […]

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Copywriting Infographic: Why Hire a Copywriter?

Making the decision to hire a copywriter shouldn’t be a difficult one. There are numerous benefits to having a professional writer work on your project. We’ve highlighted some of the advantages of hiring a copywriter in this handy infographic below. This was the first copywriting infographic we created at Brand New Copy. We’ve since made […]

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Kick-Ass Copywriting Tips For Your Website

Guest post by We Are Cheeky Sparrow.   Good copy…scrub that. Excellent copy is the superhero of your website.   Forget the crowd-pleasing, flash-animated graphics and sliding visuals, if your website copy is pants (with or without the superhero embellishment), then you’re as good as invisible to search engines and their bot side-kicks.   I […]

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How to Effectively Market Your EBook

Direct Email Marketing   It still rings true that the most effective way to market an information product is through direct email marketing.   The key to creating an effective email campaign is to target your audience. There’s no point in sending your eBook to unrelated industries as the chances are, it won’t be read. […]

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How to Write an Unforgettable Blog Post

By Jamie Thomson / 17/12/2013 / Blogging / No Comments

What makes a blog post unforgettable?   Is it the amount of content it covers? Is it the topic in discussion? What matters (and sets other bloggers apart) is the ability to create an emotional connection between your reader and your blog. This article will explore how and why some blog posts are forgettable and […]

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