‘It was a great pleasure working with Jamie. One of his gifts is the ability to understand what you’re trying to say, even when you don’t, which was an enormous bonus. He is creative, enthusiastic and highly skilled – everything you would want from a writer.’


Philippe Ingels – CEO, Wakster, Creative Design Agency


Writing a script for a promotional video, slideshare presentation, TV or radio advert, isn’t the same as writing for most other print forms. Normally script writing involves minimalist writing: focusing on specific products or services, putting across the essence of a brand and all within a certain time limit. Creating a concise script normally means writing in short sentences and using simple language. It’s important to bear in mind that your audience won’t necessarily understand your industry jargon.


People love a good story and figures suggest that they engage audiences more than traditional sales copy. Whether you’re looking to voice a character in a promotional video or create narration for a TV advert, I can help.


I offer script writing for:


  • TV adverts
  • Radio adverts
  • Powerpoint and slideshare presentations
  • Promotional and explainer videos


I work hand in hand with graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers to create visually persuasive products with strong calls to action. Hire me as your freelance scriptwriter and your final product will benefit from:


  • Properly researched content
  • Engaging narration and dialogue
  • A strong call to action
  • Well developed branding


To find out more how my freelance script writing services can help promote your products or services, download my briefing form below or email me at jamiethomson(at)brandnewcopy.com.



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