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We specialise in writing scripts for promotional and explainer videos.

Video Script Copywriting



At Brand New Copy, we write scripts for promotional videos, slideshare presentations, TV and radio adverts. Normally script writing requires a minimalist approach, capturing the essence of a brand using few words and all within a certain time limit. Creating a concise script normally means writing in short sentences and using simple language. It’s important to bear in mind that your audience won’t necessarily understand your industry jargon.

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What Our Clients Have Said...

‘It was a great pleasure working with Jamie. One of his gifts is the ability to understand what you’re trying to say, even when you don’t, which was an enormous bonus. He is creative, enthusiastic and highly skilled – everything you would want from a writer.’

Philippe Ingels – CEO, Wakster, Creative Design Agency

How Our Script Copywriting Service Can Help



People love a good story and figures suggest that they engage audiences more than traditional sales copy. Whether you’re looking to voice a character in a promotional video or create narration for a TV advert, we can help.


We offer script copywriting for:


  • TV adverts
  • Radio adverts
  • Powerpoint and slideshare presentations
  • Promotional and explainer videos

Whether you need a freelance script copywriter or a team of scriptwriters to work on your project, at Brand New Copy, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

68 Scripts for a Series of Short Films for the Offshore Achievement Awards

We were asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to assist in writing scripts for the 2015 and 2016 Scottish Offshore Achievement Awards. The event, which has been running for the last 25 years, is managed by Mearns & Gill and has a shortlist of candidates over several award categories.

A Radio Script, Video Script and Campaign Taglines for Property Website ASPC

We were asked by creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill to assist with some copywriting projects for their client, ASPC. These projects included writing a radio script, a video script for an internal event and taglines for a new campaign.

An Audio Interview and Transcription for John Clark Motor Group

We were asked by London content marketing agency Seven to interview Alan McIntosh, Group Finance Director of John Clark Motor Group for Grant Thornton, chartered accountants. This project was a collaboration between Seven, Brand New Copy and Graham Dargie, a commercial photographer based in Aberdeen.

2 Explainer Video Scripts for Vidahost

We were asked by marketing agency Unramble to write two explainer video scripts for cloud hosting provider Vidahost. Each script had to be 2 minutes in length and clearly explain the service on offer. As the visuals were based on the copy, we also had to consider what metaphors would lend themselves to animation.

Promotional Video Script for Flight Delay Compo

We were approached by a flight delay compensation company to create an engaging script for their promotional video, to be displayed on their homepage. Our brief was to outline the services that the company offer, while keeping the viewers’ interest. The final video has a strong call to action for customers to make contact through the company’s website.

How We Work


We work hand-in-hand with graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers to create visually persuasive products with strong calls to action. Hire us as your freelance script copywriter and your final product will benefit from:


  • Properly researched content
  • Engaging narration and dialogue
  • A strong call to action
  • Well developed branding

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If you’re looking for a freelance script copywriter, do get in touch, we can help grow your brand with clear, persuasive copywriting.