Brand Story for The Seepsy Toys

The Seepsy is a collection of hand-crafted toys for grown-ups.


The Brief

We were contacted by a representative of the creator of a series of toys, known as The Seepsy. We were asked to create a brand story and individual product descriptions of each of the life-like animals. The target audience of this project was adults rather than children, which presented an extra challenge in terms of the storytelling. The brand story was to focus on the mysterious creator of the toys and contain an element of ‘spirituality’.


The Outcome

After gathering information about the manufacturing process and finding out more about the mysterious creator behind the life-like animals, we started to research similar toys on the market. For the final brand story, we drew inspiration from the stories behind The Gremlins and The Cabbage Patch Kids. As these toys are primarily aimed at grown-ups, we added in elements of morality to the story. Once complete, the client was very happy with the final copy and initially rolled out the products on eBay.