Content Strategy and Content Creation for E-Cigarette Retailer, Sparks

Sparks E-Cigs is an online e-cigarette and e-liquid retailer in the UK.


The Brief

After publishing the post How E-Cigarette Brands are Reigniting an Old Copywriting Trend on our blog, we were contacted by Sparks E-Cigs to create a content strategy and write blog posts for their website. The strategy was to be focused on keeping their readers informed about the latest news in the e-cigarette industry as well as providing an overview of the vaping lifestyle.


The Outcome

After careful planning and research, we presented our content strategy to Sparks. They were pleased with our suggested approach and we wasted no time in creating SEO-friendly content for their blog. Our content strategy helped Sparks increase their website visitors and sales and make valuable connections to others within the industry.


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