Promotional Video Script for Flight Delay Compo

Flight Delay Compo is a UK company that helps negotiate compensation for people who have been affected by delayed flights.


The Brief

We were approached by a flight delay compensation company to create an engaging script for their promotional video, to be displayed on their homepage. Our brief was to outline the services that the company offer, while keeping the viewers’ interest. The final video has a strong call to action for customers to make contact through the company’s website. The final video can also be seen on Flight Delay Compo’s website.


The Outcome

After getting to know the services that the company offered, we wrote a script that was friendly, inviting and in keeping with Flight Delay Compo’s tone of voice. The final video was narrated by a young woman against a white background and was used as the focal point of the Flight Delay Compo website. The customer was very satisfied with the final product.



Here’s the script in full:

‘When your flight is cancelled or delayed, it’s frustrating. Not only do you lose valuable time but you can also end up losing money and we don’t think that’s very fair. At Flight Delay Compo, we know how frustrating it can be when things don’t turn out as planned at an airport and that’s why we’re committed to taking the hassle out of claiming flight delay compensation.


Whether your flight has been cancelled, delayed by more than 3 hours, re-routed or you’ve had to downgrade your ticket, we can help you claim the money back that you deserve. To start the claim process, all you need to do is fill out the claim form on our website and we’ll get back to you. When you consider that compensation for a family of 4 can be up to £2040, it’s definitely worth your while.


Once you’ve completed the claims form on our website, we process your documents and start building your case. We negotiate with airlines on your behalf and once the claim is settled, you receive your money – the process couldn’t be easier.


If you’ve had an unfair airport experience in the last six years, we can help you win compensation thanks to a European regulation that came into effect in 2005. As long as you departed from a European airport, had a confirmed reservation on the flight and arrived in time for check in, we’ll ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve.


In many cases, we can also push for you to receive flight reimbursements or to have your flight plans rerouted through a more suitable path. Alongside all this, we’ll make sure you receive the airline’s ‘Right of Care’, meaning you’ll be entitled to meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation and airport transfers as well as telephone calls or emails, completely free of charge. To begin your claim, simply fill out the claim form on our website and we’ll get back to you.


At Flight Delay Compo, we know that most airlines see the regulation as nothing more than an extra cost and don’t use the compensation scheme as a way of retaining your customer loyalty. That’s where we come in. If you flight has been delayed for more than three hours, we’ll ensure the cost of your ticket is refunded and that you receive the ‘Right of Care’ service that you’re entitled to. If you have reason to make a claim for a delayed flight, simply fill out the claim form on our website and we’ll start the process for you.


Likewise, if you’ve been denied boarding on a flight that you reserved, under the regulation you’re entitled to the same compensation as if your flight was cancelled or delayed. Claiming what you’re owed is easy and all you need to do is fill out the claims form on our website to start the process.


Customers who pay for business class and first class tickets are of huge commercial value to an airline and we believe that if you’ve been forced to downgrade, you should be compensated. If this has happened to you, Flight Delay Compo will ensure you are reimbursed up to 75% of the price of your ticket, simply fill in the claim form on our website and we’ll get back to discuss your situation.


To find out how Flight Delay Compo can help you claim money back for flights that didn’t turn out as planned, simply fill out the claim form on our website and our friendly staff will call you back to discuss your case further.’