An SEO Audit, Website Copy and On-page SEO for Marquee Hire Company Field and Lawn


Field & Lawn provide marquee hire, festive lights and city dressing throughout the UK.


The Brief

We were asked by creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill to help write the website copy for their client’s new website, which they had recently re-designed. Working from drafted copy provided by the client, we were briefed by Mearns & Gill on what the client was hoping to achieve from their website copy.


The Outcome

After presenting our first draft to Mearns & Gill, our copy was forwarded to Field & Lawn for feedback. A few days later, a meeting was arranged with Brand New Copy, Mearns & Gill and Field & Lawn to discuss the copywriting. After some constructive feedback from the client, we produced a second draft of the copy and sent it to Field & Lawn for approval. Both Mearns & Gill and Field and Lawn were happy with the final copy, which is now live on the client’s website.


Having worked on this project, we also had some involvement in mapping out the client’s digital strategy. Given our experience of carrying out keyword research, we were asked by Mearns & Gill to carry out a keyword and competitor analysis for Field & Lawn. This research was used to structure news articles on the client’s website, some of which, we were involved in writing.


You can see our work on the Field and Lawn website, here.