As educators, we’re known for being good communicators.


We’re able to use language in an adaptable way to suit our audience. We’re able to educate, inform and provide guidance but what we often lack is the ability to sell our products and services effectively.


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Having well-written copy can improve your website’s sales conversion no end. One of the most common mistakes educational businesses make in regards to copywriting is focusing too much on the features of a product or service rather than selling the benefits. Although outlining the features of a product is an important part of writing educational sales copy, so is the underlying sales language used to persuade customers to make the final purchase.


Here are some tips for educational service websites on how to use copywriting effectively:


Use Embedded Sales Language


Embedded sales language can be worked into your copy as a suggestive trigger for your customers to buy. A discreet yet effective copywriting technique, embedded language can be used to persuade customers to carry out your call to action in a subtle way, as the language used is persuasive rather than commanding.


An example of embedded sales language for an educational website might go something like this:


‘Imagine how proud you’ll feel, opening that envelope on results day and seeing all those A passes. Visualise yourself celebrating with your friends and family. Your success starts here. Our revision guides will equip you with all the knowledge you need to make your dream results a reality.’


Use Emotive Language


Unless your customers feel an emotional connection to your product or service, they’re unlikely to buy. A good topic sentence for introducing emotive language could be something like:


‘You know that feeling when…’


This way you’re appealing to your customers’ emotions and reinforcing them with familiarity. This sentence suggests that you are ‘in tune’ with your customers needs. Use language that reflects your passion for your product. Words like ‘love’, ‘guarantee’ and ‘effective’ can all stir up the right kind of emotions that encourage people to buy.


Keep Your Language Simple


As an educator, it can be tempting to use academic words and phrases to appeal to your customers. Whereas this is definitely important for content branding, as copywriting language, it can sometimes cloud your reader’s understanding. Sales copy should be written using simple, unambiguous language so your customers know exactly what you’re offering.


Have a Clear Call to Action


Keeping the language in your sales copy simple also makes it easier for readers to understand your call to action. What do you want your customers to do after reading your copy? Is the message clear enough? This is the most important part of your copy as it instructs your customers to take act.


Calls to action should use a tone of urgency. Perhaps the product or service you are offering is limited? Tell your customers exactly how long it will take them to act on your instruction and make it sound quick. When searching for products and services online, it only takes people 23 seconds to decide if they are going to buy from you so it’s important that you make the process sound easy. A clear, effectively-written call to action might look something like this:


‘Don’t miss out! Our offer is only available until …. It only takes 2 minutes to buy our revision guide using Paypal (we’ve timed it). All you need to do is click the image below and you will be taken to Paypal’s secure payment page.’


Try using these techniques to improve the copy on your website’s sales pages. Use simple, straightforward, emotive language with a clear call to action and watch your sales conversions improve.


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