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Freelance Writing and the Rise of the Digital Start-up

On a recent trip from Edinburgh to Newcastle, I was browsing the technology section of the magazines in W H Smith. Amongst the usual tech magazines that you normally find in train station bookshops, I was surprised to see a number of mags geared towards digital start-ups, a few examples of which you can see […]

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How to Create a Customer Profile or Buyer Persona (With Our Free Template)

One of the most effective ways of targeting your audience with your content marketing efforts is to create a customer profile or buyer persona. Below, I’ve put together a template to help you better identify who your audience is. Customer profiling can help you refine your marketing efforts and encourage your customers to take action […]

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The Trend of Minimalism in Copywriting

‘Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.’   Antoine de Saint-Exupe   I’m a big fan of minimalist writing in general: Bret Easton Ellis; Chuck Palahniuk, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to copywriting, I tend to lean towards the […]

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Why a Copywriting Brief Should Be Anything But

By Jamie Thomson / 12/03/2014 / Copywriting / No Comments

It’s ironic that something that demands so much detail should be referred to as a ‘brief’. Like most freelance copywriters, I don’t just work with one client. At any given time, I can be juggling website copy for several different industries and for businesses of varying size.   Working remotely, it’s even more important that […]

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Effective Copywriting to Swear By

I don’t watch TV much. In fact, until recently I just assumed that Joey Essex was David’s younger brother. But one evening a few weeks back, something did make me raise my head above my laptop and it had nothing to do with celebrities or dancing or ice. There I was, furiously typing away about […]

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2014: The Year of the Freelance Copywriter

Following Econsultancy’s announcement last month that 45% of companies say content marketing is highly integrated with their SEO strategy, as a freelance copywriter, I wonder how this might impact the amount of work that copywriters receive this year. The findings, which come from Econsultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report 2013, takes a detailed look at […]

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The New SEO Copywriting Trends of 2014

Last year saw a seismic shift in the way Google determines website rankings. Unnatural backlinks, poorly written content and over-used keywords were all targeted in Google’s Penguin and Panda updates. For many webmasters, 2013 was a year of blood, sweat and tears as they tried their hardest to dig themselves out of Google’s penalty box. […]

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Copywriting Tips For Education Companies

By Jamie Thomson / 01/01/2014 / Copywriting / No Comments

As educators, we’re known for being good communicators.   We’re able to use language in an adaptable way to suit our audience. We’re able to educate, inform and provide guidance but what we often lack is the ability to sell our products and services effectively.   *Tweet this article to your followers!   Having well-written […]

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Why Should I Bother With SEO Copywriting?

Having a well-designed, informative website is all well and good, but if people don’t visit your pages then your website really is all style and no substance.   On the other hand, if your website is easily found by people but they don’t stick around; your pages will have a high bounce rate, which is […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Website Copywriter

By Jamie Thomson / 09/12/2013 / Copywriting / No Comments

Understandably, many people feel uncertain when dealing with a freelance copywriter for the first time.   Like any art form, writing is subjective and often the best creation is simply a matter of opinion. However, copywriting has one key element that most other art forms don’t – a commercial agenda.   A copywriter’s audience is […]

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