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How to Write a B2B Whitepaper That Will Sell

According to a study carried out by the Content Marketing Institute, 51% of B2B marketers use whitepapers as part of their content marketing strategy. Not only can they help grow your email subscription list but whitepapers can establish your business as a brand authority. Whitepapers are essentially research papers that provide an original and unique […]

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Why Content Is The Most Important Part of Your Website

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Freelance Writing and the Rise of the Digital Start-up

On a recent trip from Edinburgh to Newcastle, I was browsing the technology section of the magazines in W H Smith. Amongst the usual tech magazines that you normally find in train station bookshops, I was surprised to see a number of mags geared towards digital start-ups, a few examples of which you can see […]

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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

The inspiration for this post comes from a recent conversation I had with one of my copywriting clients who asked how they should go about creating a content marketing strategy. Rather than unload a random cluster of my thoughts over the phone, I thought I’d structure my answer in a blog post. So here it […]

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Our Free Content Marketing Strategy Template

Knowing where to begin in creating a content marketing strategy is often the biggest hurdle for website owners and digital marketers. As with planning any project, having a documented strategy in place increases the likelihood of your marketing making an impact. What’s more, research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute finds that those with […]

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How to Create a Customer Profile or Buyer Persona (With Our Free Template)

One of the most effective ways of targeting your audience with your content marketing efforts is to create a customer profile or buyer persona. Below, I’ve put together a template to help you better identify who your audience is. Customer profiling can help you refine your marketing efforts and encourage your customers to take action […]

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How Small Businesses Are Levelling the Content Marketing Playing Field

According to recent statistics published by the Content Marketing Institute, small businesses are leading the way when it comes to implementing content marketing strategies. Following last year’s Content Marketing Awards, when asked how small businesses can compete against larger brands in the pursuit of marketing glory, CMI founder Joe Pulizzi replied:   ‘There were a […]

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How to Rewrite Old Content For New Material

Content creation is all about producing new material regularly.   However, coming up with new ideas all the time can be challenging and there’s nothing worse than suffering from writer’s block when your website needs those extra visitors. What many website owners don’t know is that you can create brand new material from existing content […]

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How to Generate Content Ideas For Your Blog

It happens to the best of us: writer’s block.   When writer’s block hits it can feel like the worst thing in the world especially when you have a community that you need to push content to; you certainly don’t want to let them down! If you’re feeling a bit stumped for new ideas then […]

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Six Content Tricks To Increase Website Traffic

People visit your website because of the value you give from your content.   A great piece of content has the ability to send large amounts of traffic if you apply the right tactics. This article will share those tactics that drive visitors to your website.   Create a Post Series   Create a series […]

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