My name’s Jamie Thomson. I’m a freelance copywriter from Scotland and this is approximately the fifth incarnation of this page. If only writing your own About page was as easy as writing someone else’s..


In a nutshell, I use words to persuade people to do things. I’ve been a copywriter since 2011 and previously had a few brief stints working as a journalist for various newspapers in Scotland.

I’ve also had many other less interesting jobs of which I’ll spare you the details.

Some of the services I provide include SEO copywriting, video script copywriting and content marketing. I work with creative agencies, SEO companies and with my own private clients.

I’ve worked in-house as a freelance copywriter for the oldest creative agency in the UK and I’ve been flown to far-off lands more than once by clients who just wanted to hang out…it’s a tough gig sometimes.

Other than writing, in my spare time I enjoy flailing about in the North Sea and calling it surfing. I also play in a band but I’ll wait until we’ve split up before I go telling you about how before our time we are.

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