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Jamie Thomson: freelance copywriter and owner of Brand New Copy, copywriting agency.

Freelance copywriter

Jamie Thomson: Freelance Copywriter

‘Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m a freelance copywriter and the owner of Brand New Copy, a copywriting team based in Edinburgh. We work with a range of clients over several industries, providing professional copywriting and content marketing. As well as having our own clients, we also work closely with creative agencies in the UK and abroad.’

Web Copywriting

Your website copy needs to grab your prospects’ attention, keep them interested, make them want what you’re offering and get them to take action. At Brand New Copy, we write effective website copy that works.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is the art of writing content that ranks well in search engines. Whereas SEO copywriting techniques improve the visibility of your content and draw people in, persuasive copywriting convinces them to stay on the page and fulfil a call to action.

Product Descriptions

A well-written product description does more than simply describe your product – it sells it. At Brand New Copy, we will help you understand your target audience and their motivations for buying from you.

Content Marketing

Content is the main reason that people use the internet. Whether we’re reading blog posts, watching videos or interacting on forums, when we turn our attention to the internet, we’re only after one thing.

A Freelance Copywriter With a Creative Head


I work with a range of private clients and creative agencies. I’ve worked on advertising campaigns for Glenfarclas whisky, the lifestyle brand Police and the University of Aberdeen. I also work with small companies and start-ups on a range of different projects from content marketing to SEO. I’ll find out what your business has to say and I’ll find a way to say it for you. I write smart, persuasive copy that grabs attention, maintains interest and has the power to convert passers-by into paying customers. Oh, and I love a good story too. As any freelance copywriter will tell you, storytelling is a powerful selling tool. I’ve written brand stories for international clothing brands, film companies, luxury watch brands, and creative agencies. I write engaging stories for the web, print, audio or video.

Why Hire Me as Your Copywriter?


In a word or thirty-five: I know what to say and how to say it to get you the results you want. My online marketing and copywriting experience neatly combines all the elements needed to write good copy. I will:


  • Thoroughly analyse your target market.
  • Research your company, services and products.
  • Give your brand a voice and identify calls to action.
  • Create a first copy of your content.
  • Proofread, edit and amend until you are satisfied.
  • Deliver your final copy on time, every time.


As an experienced freelance copywriter, I write in a clear, concise and engaging way, using language that’s easy to understand. When it comes to copywriting, no-one wants to sit with a dictionary.


If you’d like us to be your copywriting team and help you realise your copywriting goals, drop Jamie an email at jamiethomson(at) and let’s see if we can work together.

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